Eid Al- Fitr Mubarak

Eid Al-Fitr:

Eid al-Fitr is a religious ceremony which celebrated by Muslims in all over the world. This day is the first day of the month of shawwal ,also the end of fasting month (Ramadan).

In the Islamic countries, this day is a holiday and a long prayer. Prayer is held in public and in an open space.

Muslims believe that after one month of fasting, god will reward them. Also, believe in that day god accepts their litany.

Eid-al-Fitr customs and traditions:

1. Takir: this is one of the culture of Eid-al-Fitr that excerpted from a verse from holy Qoran and is read in the morning in the street before start of prayer.

2. Ablution: in Islamic texts, recommended that Muslims wash their body and use good smell materials like perfumes and brush their teeth and hair. Also put their best clothes on for public prayer.

3. Prayer: the most important culture on the day of Eid is public prayer. The time of holding prayer is in the morning.

People on this day gather together and have joy.

Zakat Fetrah

On this day is obligatory for Muslims to pay “Zakat”. According to the narration, pay zakat is the cause of completing fasting and it should be paid to those who are needy people.

Time of paying and amount of zakat.

It should be paid on the day of Eid before noon. Moreover, the amount of zakat is depending on what they eat more in a year. For example, if people eat rice more than others, they should give 3 kg of the rice to poor people or pay money equivalent that.


Happy Eid- Al Fitr

Azil Organic Team