Ozone for life

When the darkness of night gives place to the day, the whole living world is waking up, and they resume a new activity for a new day. By shining sunlight on the earth, the world finds new energy. Nothing is more pleasurable get warm by the heat of the sunlight when the weather is cold. The trees need the light of the sunlight to grow up. The sunlight is the life-giving of life. All elements were created with the specific aim of worldwide. The sunlight has so many minerals and vitamins that are necessary for humans and all creatures of the world.

Moreover, the sunlight on the earth could be very enjoyable and delightful, but it could be very dangerous too. The sunlight has a lot of UV ray that is very harmful and has Irreparable complications. The Ozone layer works like a dam and doesn’t let the UV ray impact the earth directly. In fact, the ozone layer attracts all harmful rays. If the UV ray shines on the earth without any obstacle and directly caused diseases such as cancer, severe sunburn, skin problem, and very extreme eyes problem that finally caused blind. These problems not only don’t just threaten humans but also threaten all the creatures in the world. The human and natural elements caused the destruction of the Ozone layer.

One of the natural elements that are dangerous for the ozone layer is volcano mountain activity which causes the production of greenhouse gases. besides all of the natural elements, human’s activities are the main reason for getting thin the ozone layer. most human’s activities such as throwing rockets, those acts that cause the production of nitrogen, individual transportation, the pollution of the factories, building constructions, and any activities that caused global warming, and this warming caused the jungles to get fire, all these facts cause the destruction of the ozone layer.

By destroying the ozone layer, the life on the earth destroys very immediately. we are very weak against the natural elements causing the ozone layer to get thin but we have the power to control human’s activities not completely but to a great extent. the experts always advise that Use sunglasses, and be less exposed to the sunlight, especially in the hot seasons of the year but when we talk about the destruction of the ozone layer, even the strongest sunglasses can’t stop the damage.

according to the different kinds of research done by different kinds of organizations, if we try to obstacle the elements caused to destroy the ozone layer, it can be hoped that the ozone layer will regenerate naturally, but it will take at least 50 years.

we have time to protect our earth yet but it is not too much, actually, our time is counting down, so it’s better to do something for our only living world.

The first action that we can do to prevent the ozone layer from destruction is to use less of the instruments that cause global warming. avoid burning the garbage and recycle them in the right way. As much as it is possible we use things that are degradable and try to avoid things that are disposable. we should use less of any instrument that causes global warming. Even less use of meat helps the ozone layer. increasing demand for meat is caused to increasing supply. animal husbandry is caused an increase in the level of greenhouse gases, greenhouse gases caused global warming and negatively affect the ozone layer. we should stop this excess use of meat. Less use of chemical fertilizers is one of the other ways to save the ozone layer. Governments should try to prevent factories that cause pollution and apply strict laws to them.


Our survival on this planet depends on nature. The destruction of nature and the planet is the destruction of all creatures on the planet. We can’t just watch when we don’t have much time. The actions we take, however small, can make big changes in the future. It is better to start from ourselves and not wait for others to take the first step.