Effects of climate change of food & economic security

Generally, the weather such as rainy and snowy weather, humidity, heat and dryness, wind speed, the kinds of soil, and so on which belongs to the period of a long time of the particular region called climate.

Actually, the climate is one of the reasons that affect the formation of the human communities, in a way that the civil architecture is related to the climate of that region, indeed the unban buildings should be used in the best way all parts of the resources of the climate and environment which is available to the human.

Finally, Urban processes and human activities impact the climate. Historically human always seeks welfare which not only has no achievement for the environment but only destroys the ecosystem and everything related to that.

Human and natural factors cause a change in the climate but the main point is that we cannot stop the natural events but we can control the inappropriate human activities because these wrong activities cause global warming and chemical pollution of the climate and ecosystem. finally, all these events cause the change in the climate which has nonreturnable effects.

This subject is obvious to the public that the living world including climate, soil, water, organisms, and inanimate creatures are related to each other. Any factor threatening one part of the ecosystem, the other parts are affected by it and threaten the health of humans directly or indirectly. The climate effect on tourism and economics is not a new issue but today, because of human misconduct, this has become a bigger issue.

Nowadays, Tourism is a dynamic industry and is an essential item for urban and economic growth. In the tourism industry in addition to the historical and cultural places, the climate is very important too. Tourism Pay attention to the climate condition, cold and hot regions. Some countries because of snowfall and the other ones because of the pleasant hot sun are very famous for the tourism

Many human societies are made next to the river due to that many people are busy with activities like agriculture, fishing, shipping, livestock, and so on. With rising global warming, the process of melting glaciers is increasing which causes to raise the water level of the sea. Many parts of the land sink. This is caused agriculture is destroying and the livestock industrial face many trouble also the place and the time of the reproduction of the fish are facing trouble which followed caused the unemployed the fishers

The change in the climate caused the drought and tough floodwater. Such events caused nonreturnable consequences. All these events caused the erosion of the soil which affect the quality and quantity of the soil, and finally, directly influenced the quality of the agricultural products. Soil erosion is caused to destroy the environment and maybe nature never finds any chance to rebuild and replace it.

The rain is one of the gifts given to humans but disruption of the climate caused a big problem. Because of climate change in some areas, the amount of rain is too much and in some other parts, we cannot see any rainfall for many years. All of these facts cause economic devastation.

All these events are because climate change caused irrecoverable consequences and this is all human duty to have responsible for such an important global issue.