The impact of organic agriculture on the health of the earth

Nowadays, the importance of the health of the earth is felt more than ever before. The excessive increase in population has created the need for more food, since the demand for more food has increased, farmers try to increase the fertility of the soil by using chemical fertilizers, but Over time, the use of chemical fertilizers threatens not only the health of the earth but also the health of humans.

Soil is not an inanimate mass, but it is composed of water, air, bacteria, fungi, and so on that form the soil ecosystem. The continuous use of chemical fertilizers causes all the elements of the soil, whether they are useful or harmful in some way to be destroyed. All of the elements that live in the soil are known as the ecosystem of the soil, and the use of chemical fertilizers destroys this ecosystem, and after passing time, the plants that have grown naturally in an area are destroyed in such a way that They may never have a chance to be replaced. By destroying native plants, the animals and beasts that used to live there because of the natural environment have moved there, and nothing happens until the region’s ecosystem is destroyed. Among the other harmful effects that chemical fertilizers leave on the soil, they cause the soil to become salty and the nutrients that were naturally present in the soil are lost. Humans are also affected, which also affects the health of humans. Humans try to use more than the earth’s capacity for agriculture. in order to expand agricultural lands, they also take measures such as destroying forests, which are considered the capital of the earth. And this causes problems in the carbon cycle and thus leads to climate change

A change in climate, weather, or in general when the order of the ecosystem is disturbed, causes very heavy rains and floods to occur, and this causes the soil to be washed away, and all the useful minerals of the soil are lost, and the quality of the soil is poor.

It is better to think about our health and the health of the earth before it is too late.

Using organic agriculture is one of the measures we can take for the health of the earth and ourselves. In organic agriculture, no aggressive methods are used and the focus is on plant growth through ecosystem management. In fact, in organic agriculture, all stages of crop cultivation are compatible with the natural environment, and no chemical products are used in it, and the soil does not face the risk of erosion. In organic products, even the water of the oceans and seas does not face the risk of chemical pollution. In organic agriculture in addition to supporting healthy earth, healthy life is also supported.

In organic farming, because of the quality of the land and soil, naturally, the products are high quality, and this has caused the taste of the product, as well as all the nutrients that hast to, to be completely preserved how hard we try to Increase the resistance of the soil with organic farming, in fact, we have increased the resistance level of the products, which will have higher efficiency. Organic soil can hold more water and also can control the carbon in the soil.

Organic agriculture is compatible with the environment and this is caused to prevent torrential rain.

Taking care of the earth is our duty. Our earth will be well when we felt responsible for it. It is better for all of us to know the fact that our health is related to the health of the earth. In the living world, all elements are connected to each other, and if one element faced destruction the rest of the elements will gradually face threatened destruction.