What makes organic products superior?

Why organic products are better than conventional ones?

  • Well first of all they taste way better, we can say they taste like nature because they were grown in a harmony with nature.
  • Second, they are healthier and more nutritious because no chemical compound was used on them during their growth.
  • Organic farming is better for the environment because it doesn’t disrupt the biological order of water, soil, and useful insects in agriculture.
  • Organic agriculture also supports local farmers.

Here are some suggestions for using organic foods on a daily basis…

Whether you are an Athlete or your occupation demand mental activity organic foods such as pistachio and almond can be a good choice for a healthy snack, what’s better than biting into some crunchy delight and gaining energy?


Most people enjoy drinking coffee but this lovely beverage has some side effects such as causing anxiety. So herbal tea can be a good alternative for coffee because aside from being an energy booster it’s also refreshing and relaxing. Herbs such as  Echium rose petals, saffron, mallow, and lavender are a good choices for herbal tea.



After all that I have mentioned about organic products, I think it’s now obvious why these products are superior because by consuming them we can stay healthy and preserve the earth’s environment at the same time.

Sara Hakimi