Quality of Iranian Agricultural Land

Quality of Iranian Agricultural Land

The formation of world civilizations has been associated with the agricultural industry. With the growth of the population and lack of food sources, the role of agriculture and crop agriculture has been highlighted in human life. Today, agriculture is considered one of the main reasons for world life and trade. Export of food production is one of the most important and lucrative industries in Iran and the world.

The existence of fertile soil and a favorable climate has increased the possibility of the growth and production of organic products in Iran. The main section of export in Iran is the export of food and organic production. The presence of local and high-quality products every year has added to the value and creativity of this industry.

In agriculture, the most important principle for having a high-quality product is soil quality. Quality soil is pregnant with nutritious minerals and soil and provides the plant growth mechanism. Although, with the development of new agricultural methods, the use of soil is decreasing, in Iran, soil-based cultivation is common.

According to an American geological survey, the soil is a mass of organic and mineral matter that covers the earth’s surface and holds plant roots, and passing time causes the plants to grow and multiply.

The soil of Iran has nutrition and minerals in most parts, the existence of organic matter makes the soil texture lighter and increases fertility, and causes growth and strength. Farmers and industrialists add animal manure to increase minerals in the soil, but today, considering new methods of cultivation of fertilizers and plant waste to improve minerals and soil strength is used.

About 12 % of Iran’s land has high quality for agriculture, and succulent rivers in different cities of Iran are ready for fertile lands for growing organic crops. One of the most important irrigation systems in Iran that has achieved a world record is aqueduct-based irrigation. This type of irrigation cannel is dug in the earth so that water can flow to the surface and prepared for irrigation of agricultural lands.

Exports existence of suitable weather for four reasons; high-quality soil using modern agricultural methods and sustainable agriculture have increased the qality of agricultural products. Annual and increasing exports of organic products in Iran make this country a center of production for some agricultural.

It has become an agricultural product in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Azil Company, with the efficiency of new methods, equipment, and workshops, and productivity of organic products has been able to attract many customers in European and Asian countries to export products such as saffron pistachios. Medicinal plants absorb essential oils.