It is enough to say no to the plastic bags   

Humans seek in their life more welfare and provision of benefits therefore invent new inventions every day. With the advancement of technology, the environment has been changed a lot and the amount of pollution increasing day by day. One reason that caused serious damage to the environment is using too many plastic bags. Most shopping centers for your shopping give you one or more plastic bags now you can imagine that people receive plastic bags for their shopping all over the world that take a hundred years to be returned to nature. Most of these plastic bags are released into our environment with irreparable consequences.

One of these consequences can hint at the contamination and dirty environment. By getting pollution everywhere the disease rate is increasing. Some of these plastic bags enter the Municipal sewage and finally they fall into the rivers, lakes, and seas. Sometimes animals, fishes, and birds are confused and eat these plastic bags instead of food which causes suffocation and finally death. Plastic bag ingredients are such a way that never be decomposition and they just change into very tiny components and remain in nature and enter into the food chain of animals and after years enter to human’s chain food. In addition to all these facts, plastic bags cause to increase in global warming. The other disadvantage of plastic bags is that by sunlight toxic substances are released. This substance is very poisonous and dangerous for human’s health.

Making change is never being late, always we can find a way but we should not let it be late. Maybe we don’t have enough power to destroy all adverse effects or do something to people who don’t use plastic bags anymore but we can do some action to minimize the damages of plastic bag use.

The smallest act that we can do against using plastic bags Is that say no to plastic bags.

Using cloth bags is the idea that nowadays is very popular. This idea is getting stronger many Campaigns to start to swing varied and colorful cloth bags in order to persuade people to use more cloth bags. The higher percentage of compliance the health is because of the washable cloth bags. Cloth bags are more strong than plastic bags so it is more beneficial economically for the customers. Using cloth bags is taking less space, when you go shopping one month and you see the bags in the closet which most of them are trash you can pay the importance of that. The other advantage of using cloth bags is that they are safe and don’t threaten human’s life even by direct sunlight.

Another way to say no to plastic bags is using a glasses bottle, you can keep anything in it. You can wash the glass and use it again and again. If you have to use a plastic bag, it’s better to choose one with more strength, that you can use several times.

Remember that after passing the years any small action does it Continuously and together, leaves deep effects. Let’s not ignore our future and don’t be judged by the next generation.

It is enough to say no to the plastic bags