Healthy foods that taste better than Junk food

we can all agree that most people love junk food because honestly they taste much better than healthy foods. But there is always an exception in every case. Just imagine you could enjoy the great taste of a food and still eat healthy and it would also be beneficial to your body instead of harming it. The healthy combinations that I’m about to suggest will definitely be a great substitution for your usual choice of junk food. Most of these combinations include something crunchy.


Date and pistachio: you can either eat pistachio then date right away or you can eat date first then pistachio this doesn’t really make a difference the point is both of them should combine so you know how they taste but my suggestion is that you take the date seed off then put 1-3 pistachio instead of seed date then close the date and chew on the fine combination of crunch and sweetness.

You can try this with the following combinations too: date & walnut – figs & almond- figs & walnut- or even figs & pistachio.

I recommend you to use more nuts while combining them so it will neutralize the sweetness of date and fig so you won’t hate it if it’s too sweet.

If you don’t like nuts and your stomach might react when you eat them then you can try chickpeas and raisin. Just wrap a raisin around a chickpea and enjoy!

Now if you are not in a mood for sweet treats and you are craving something salty and crunchy then salted mountain almonds are definitely the way to go. Once you start eating them you can’t stop. Yes they are just THAT GOOD.


Ok now I’m gonna wrap up here and leave you with these tasty foods, just keep in mind that a junkfood lover (me) tasted them and actually liked them so trust me with these choices.

Sara Hakimi