Azil Safflower

  • Botanical name : Carthamus tinctorius
  • Spices
  • Food

Type :  Conventional

Azil Safflower

Safflower is a tall plant with spiked leaves and yellow or orange flowers.

The flowers were used as a dye for clothing in ancient Egypt.

Azil Safflower

Azil Safflower

Today, some people use safflower petals as a substitute for saffron,

a yellow spice that’s often used to color and flavor rice dishes.

Safflower seeds are also used to produce safflower oil.

There are potential benefits of safflower oil for your skin,

but scientific research behind such claims isn’t solid.

Some anecdotal research Trusted Source indicates that safflower oil may have pain-relieving effects,

as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

What is safflower

Safflower is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids.

It has a neutral flavor that pairs well with many dishes and cuisines.

The monounsaturated form can be heated to higher temperatures than many other cooking oils.

Safflower even has some cosmetic uses.

For example, some people use it as a moisturizer for dry skin or a carrier oil for aromatherapy scents.

Harvest period: September

Harvest method: manual

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*Bulk ( Each Carton ) : Kgr

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