Saffron in Khatam Packing ( Code 5 )

Harvest Saffron

  • The saffron harvest season begins in early November.
  • While most other vegetation are gone, the bright purple flowers cover the fields.
  • Harvesting of saffron begins before sunrise, when flowers have still not opened up. Men and women head to the field and start picking the flowers as fast as they can, by the first rays of the sun, the flowers magically bloom in a sudden act. Work stops at around 9 AM when the flowers are taken to a shaded area to seperate. Everyone sits around a huge pile of flowers and carefully takes the three stigmas out.
  • It takes about 167 saffron flowers to produce only one gram. That is why saffron is so precious.

Type: Organic & Conventional

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Saffron in Khatam Packing ( Code 5 )

Packaging containers as the main concern of the exporters and vendors of saffron,

and nuts are the highest investment priority of each manufacturing company to provide the proper,

and stylish packaging.

saffron packaging 300x300 1 - Saffron in Khatam Packing ( Code 5 )

Saffron in Khatam Packing


The idea of ​​using metal containers  for saffron packaging that has been popular in

Iran since a long time ago, integrated with the traditional Khatam design

as a manifestation of the rich Iranian culture, brings a pleasant nostalgic sense for the viewers.

This saffron packaging idea ​​which is characterized by high durability, high printing power as well as

various and desired printings, induces a sense of classic luxury to your customers,

and due to the lightweight, it is cost-effective in terms of shipping costs.

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