Azil Tarragon essential oil

  • Type : Conventional

Azil Tarragon essential oil

Spicy tarragon essential oil aroma combines notes of anise and basil.

Its relaxing scent can help dissolve emotional and physical tension—especially in muscles.

Azil Tarragon essential oil is a strong belly oil! Due to its potent natural components, tarragon oil should be well diluted at 0.1% in topical blends and only used for short periods of acute need.

Our certified organic tarragon essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of wild herbs in the fields and hillsides of France.

Tarragon Oil  - Azil Tarragon essential oil

Azil Tarragon Oil

Packaging Information

Harvest period : All over the year
Processing Method : Distillation
Packaging : Aluminum bottles
Bulks : 1 Ltr , 5 Ltr
Retails : 15 ml


The tarragon plant features a sturdy, erect stem with bright green, long, and thin leaves coming off the branches. It grows to around three feet tall and has clusters of tiny greenish yellow flowers.

Tarragon is often used in the culinary world.

This herb is widely used in the kitchen, especially for fish or poultry, and is often infused for tarragon vinegar.

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