Azil Organic Asafoetida Oil

  • Type : Organic & Conventional

Azil Organic Asafoetida Oil

Asafoetida oil still needs numerous health uses like antimicrobial for the treatment of skin issues as well as anti-

inflammatory for relieving pimples and other minor inflammations.

Asafoetida Oil 1 1 - Azil Organic Asafoetida Oil

Azil Organic Asafoetida Oil

Packaging Information

Harvest period : All over the year
Processing method : Distillation
Packaging : Aluminum bottles
Bulks : 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr
Retails : 15 Ml

It is also antispasmodic to ease tensed and painful muscle,

anthelmintic to eliminate parasitic worms, and

antiepileptic to lessen seizure and epileptic incidents.

Asafoetida essential oil is additionally utilized as a laxative,

which will help in alleviating bowel problems simply

by stimulating bowel movement and anti-biotic to safeguard people towards illnesses.

asafoetida essential oil Summary

asafoetida Essential Oil is used to improve digestion, lower cholesterol and reduce flatulence.

It has been prescribed for a variety of conditions affecting the gastrointestinal system,

including intestinal worms, IBS, cramping, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, food poisoning,

and even colorectal cancer.

The high amount of ferulic acid and umbrelliprenin in Asafoetida Oil,

research has shown,

causes the Oil to actively seeks out and neutralizes free radicals and has been directly linked to a reduction in cancer cells.

As an herb with sedative qualities,

Asafoetida Essential Oil was commonly prescribed in the treatment of hysteria,

anxiety, depression, and mood swings associated with menstrual symptoms.

It was believed to balance an overactive, over emotional, turbulent system.

Asafoetida Oil has been found to be effective against chronic pain from injuries or surgeries,

and to relieve the colic pain of toddlers.

It can soothe the pain of headaches, migraines,

toothaches, and earaches due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Asafoetida Oil can be used to repel insects and stop the itching caused by their bites.

It is also good for respiratory ailments such as influenza,

asthma and bronchitis.

It can help to eliminate excess mucus and phlegm,

while combatting the microbes in the respiratory tract.

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