Azil Rose Absulote

  • Type :  Organic  & Convntional

Azil Rose Absolute

Rose Essential Oil is more than just a pretty, floral scent. It has several therapeutic properties that makes it amazing in skincare products.

Rose Absulot - Azil Rose Absulote

Azil Rose Absulote

Packaging Information

Harvest period : All over the year
Processing method : Distillation
Packaging : Aluminum bottles
Bulks : 1 Ltr , 5 Ltr
Retails : 15 Ml

Rose Absolute essential oil comes from a thorny bush that grows large pink flowers with many fragrant petals and is a part of the Rosaceae plant family. The essential oil is pulled from the flower head by steam distillation (separation process using steam) or solvent extraction (extraction of a substance from one liquid into another liquid phase).

Rose Absolute has several therapeutic properties, including antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, calmative and sedative. This transforms into several helpful benefits.

Rose Essential Oil is known for its antidepressant agents. It helps boost confidence, mental health and fights depression!

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