Azil Organic Galbanum essential oil

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Azil Organic galbanum essential oil

Galbanum Oil is steam distilled from the resin of a flowering plant that is indigenous to Iran (Persia).

galbanum essential oil resin has been widely used as incense and in perfumery since ancient times.

Galbanum Oil 2 - Azil Organic Galbanum essential oil

Packaging Information

Harvest period : All over the year
Processing method : Distillation
Packaging : Aluminum bottles
Bulks : 1 Ltr , 5 Ltr
Retails : 15 Ml

galbanum essential oil is an aromatic gum resin and a product of certain umbelliferous Persian plant species in the genus Ferula,

chiefly Ferula gummosa (synonym F. galbaniflua) and Ferula rubricaulis.

galbanum essential oil plants grow plentifully on the slopes of the mountain ranges of northern Iran.

It occurs usually in hard or soft, irregular, more or less translucent and shining lumps,

or occasionally in separate tears, of a light-brown, yellowish or greenish-yellow colour,

and has a disagreeable, bitter taste, a peculiar, somewhat musky odour,

an intense green scent, and a specific gravity of 1.212.

It contains about 8% terpenes; about 65% of a resin which contains sulfur;

about 20% gum; and a very small quantity of the colorless crystalline substance umbelliferone.

It also contains α-pinene, β-pinene, limonene, cadinene, 3-carene, and ocimene.

Summary galbanum essential oil

galbanum absolute is solvent-extracted from the gum oleo-resin of the plant.

It is a brown viscous liquid which will easily resinify over time even with minimal exposure to air.

Its odour profile is ambery-green, sweet, balsamic,

resinous with hints of freshness, similar to how galbanum oil would smell when mixed with labdanum.

Acts as a base note in perfume compositions – one of a handful of green base notes of natural origin.

Because it is simultaneously green and sweet,

it finds more specific role to create a special effect in Chypre green, floral green,

Chypre coniferous, Woody Fougères and Aquatic Fougères.

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