Azil Organic Chopped Figs

  • A suitable sugar cube’s substitute.
  • Used as a perfect snack and nutritious nut.

Type : Organic & Conventional

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Azil Organic Chopped Figs

Figs are extremely sweet fruits with several crunchy seeds. These can be consumed fresh or dried and in fact, dried ones are available all through the year. As the fruit is dense in natural sugars it is known as nature’s candy. It is available in various colours ranging from purple, red, green and golden.

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Azil Organic Chopped Figs

Fig is known as Atti Pazham in Tamil, Athi Pallu in Telugu, Atti Pazham in Malayalam and Gulur or Anjeer in Hindi. As per the study published in the American Journal Of Nutrition dried fig is highly valued for its umpteen amount of antioxidants, polyphenols, fibre and other vital nutrients which should be included as a healthy snack in your daily diet.

Fig is a deciduous tree – which means it loses its foliage during the fall and grows new leaves in the spring. The tree grows up to 50 ft tall, with a heavy and twisting branch. The leaves are bright green, single and large which has an uneven hairy upper surface and soft hairy on the underside. The flowers are small with a clustered green fruits and pollinating insects enters the flowers via an opening at the top of the fruit and most fig the flowers are all female and needs no pollination.

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