Azil Organic Sultana Raisins

  • Due to their very high sugar content, Sultanas are very sweet and similar to honey in flavor.

Type : Organic & Conventional

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Azil Organic sultana raisin

Raisins and currants are two popular types of dried fruit.

More specifically, they are different types of dried grapes.

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Azil Organic Sultana Raisins

Packaging Information

Harvest period : September
Harvest  Method  : Manual
Packaging : Plastic bags in cartons
Bulks ( Each Carton ) : 10 kg
Retails : 80 – 180 – 250 – 450 gr
Number of boxes per cartons : 24 – 24 – 12 – 12
Number of Cartons  per pallets : 156 – 96 – 132 – 80

Azil Organic Sultana Raisins Packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,

they’re used in different cuisines throughout the world in both sweet and savory dishes.

Despite their popularity, there is still a lot of confusion regarding these tasty treats.

Simply put, raisins and currants are two different types of dried grapes.

In most countries, including the UK, raisins and sultanas are differentiated by the type of grape and

the processing method used.

The term “currant” also applies to berries of the gooseberry family, such as red currant and black currant.

To avoid confusion, this article will refer to raisins and sultanas according to the international definitions.

Sultana raisins Summary

sultana raisins are dipped into a solution of water, potassium carbonate and olive oil,

in order to fasten the drying process.

This operation preserves the vitamins and minerals in the grape and causes

the grapes to dry as fast as possible and have them acquire the golden yellow color.

The product consists of good, sound berries,

typical of the current crop which have been sun dried and stored under satisfactory conditions before processing.

The fruit will be sized, de-stemmed, laser screened,

washed in potable water, aspirated and static picked to remove defects and foreign matter.

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