Azil Hazelnut Kernels

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Azil Hazelnut Kernels

Hazelnuts are a good source of dietary fiber.

Organic Hazelnuts 1 - Azil Hazelnut Kernels

Azil Hazelnut Kernels

Eating plenty of fiber encourages regular bowel movements and helps prevent constipation.

Dietary guidelines in the United States recommend that women ages 31–50 eat 25.2 grams (g) of dietary fiber per day.

Men in the same age range should eat 30.8 grams of fiber per day.

A 28-g serving of hazelnuts contains about 2.7 g of dietary fiber.

According to recent research, eating nuts may help some people to gain less weight.

A 2018 study found a link between nut consumption, reduced weight gain, and a lower risk of obesity.

In the study, participants who ate more nuts were less likely to become overweight than those who did not.

While the research shows a correlation, further studies should assess whether there is a causal link between eating nuts and a reduced risk of weight gain.

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