World Healthy and Organic Food Day

Nutrition is one the most essential and vital factors in the growth of the physical, in fact, the most important thing that we should pay attention to it is healthy nutrition. food variety is essential in eating habits. All food sources should be included in the food chains. nutrition is the most critical factor that causes happiness and good feeling. some people because of their limitless access to food sources are malnutrition, and on the other side some people with easy access to food sources, because of lack of awareness of the use of food are malnutrition too.

Balanced nutrition really helps the growing physiologically of the body. For healthy nutrition, we should pay attention to the balance between the calories that receive in the body and daily activities. Less use of sugar as much as possible and use more nuts and seeds instead.

Nowadays increasing the population is clearly seen. Definitely, by increasing the population the need for food is increasing too. Many farmers try to use chemical fertilizers and invasive methods in order to prepare enough food meal for the needs of the people. Using too many chemical fertilizers causes a decrease in the quality of the soil. The lower the quality of soil, the lower the quality of products which all of that cause-effect on human’s health and low the quality of food. Although nutrition is very important for humans but healthy nutrition is more necessary and important.

Increasing knowledge of humans about nutrition passing time, they understand that healthy nutrition is more important than just eating foodstuff that doesn’t have any properties and after years they can cause bad effects on your body and health. Since organic products should follow strict standards and rules so you can trust them also the certificates that organic products must have all show that organic products are healthy and low risk.

One of the characteristics of organic products that have made these products very important today is the properties and vitamins of these products. Since no harmful substances are used in organic products, the vitamins that are available in this sample of products have more significant impact on the body. Another characteristic of organic products that makes this product different from other products is This product is high in antioxidants. Almost organic products have 50% more antioxidants than other products.

Considering the machinery life that everyone is dealing with today and the infections that have entered our lives due to this lifestyle, the best favor we can do for ourselves is to strengthen our immune system with healthy and organic nutrition. Because it makes you less prone to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and even diseases that are allergic.

Despite all these advantages that we have mentioned for using healthy and organic food, the quality of the food we use is also very important. Because organic food is natural and does not use chemical substances, it has made the food taste real and natural. After a tense and stressful work day, there is nothing more enjoyable than eating or drinking healthy organic natural products that you can feel the true taste of.

In healthy life both quality and quantity are important. try for getting improvement in the quality of our life by using healthy products cause to increase the quantity of life and a longer life with high quality. You can be active and more social when you use healthy food more. Organic products can play a main role in our healthy life. People who follow a healthy life can easily find something instead of harmful products, for example, you can use some nuts as a healthy snack, and in addition of enjoy the tasty, add many vitamins and useful fats that are useful for our body activity.

The first step of having a healthy life or maybe the only secret of having a healthy life is establishing a relationship with nature and supporting nature. A healthy life can be living with what is in nature. The less we interfere with natural resources, the healthier we will live.