Azil Organic Pistacia Atlantica Gum

  • This gum which has both industrial and pharmaceutical uses is a suitable treatment for constipation and it can also be used in producing chewing gum.
  • It has a special position in Iranian traditional medicine.
  • Type : Organic & Conventional
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Azil Organic Pistacia Atlantica Gum

Pistacia atlantica is a species of pistachio tree known by the English common name Mt.

Atlas mastic tree and as the Persian turpentine tree.

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Azil Organic Pistacia Atlantica Gum

Pistacia ranges from shrubs to trees adapted to drought and the Mediterranean climate.

P. atlantica has three subspecies or varieties which have been described as cabulica, kurdica, and mutica.

In Iran it is called baneh or wild pistachio tree.

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In Tamazight, it is known as Tijjeɣt.

In the Canary Islands it is known as Almacigo, and in Arabic, it is called بطم (buṭm or buṭum).

In southern Iran, in Bandar-Abbas in Hormozgān Province it is called kasoudang and in Bushehr it is called kolkhong.

In Turkey it is commonly known as melengiç.

In Kurdish the tree is called darwan or daraban, and the seed is called qezwan (قەزوان‎).

In Pashto it is called Shanna.

Pistacia atlantica is planted as an ornamental shadebearing and drought-tolerant landscape tree in gardens and parks.

In California it is imported to use as rootstock for cultivated pistachio trees (Pistacia vera).

Both introductions have led to its escape and current status as an occasional invasive species in California.

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