Happy Easter day 2023

Salam Rouyan Rastak team wishes you a happy Easter day
On this great day, which coincides with the rebirth of nature,most of Christians carry out the special tradition of that great day and they celebrate because of that great day. since they believe that Christ will be resurrected after being crucified. The egg is the symbol of this great day. It is believed that the chickens regain their vitality by breaking the egg. The eggs are a sign of resurrection. It is said that the rabbit goes to the bird’s nest and steals their eggs, that’s why the eggs are painted so that the rabbit can’t find them, and the red color is mostly used to represent the blood of Jesus Christ when he was crucified. Most of Christians believe that Christ was on the cross for 3 days and then he was buried and then he rose from the earth and lived on earth for 40 days and then ascended to God.