Green gold that always smiles

Historical studies indicate that pistachio has historical roots, but it is not clear exactly what period it reaches, but what is clear is that ancient people also enjoyed eating pistachios. Pistachios can be referred to as green gold. This lovely nut which has gathered many fans around it and has become the host of many banquets. The rich antioxidants that these small brains contain, the high amount of iron in pistachios, and the useful fat of potassium have made pistachios very popular. In fact, it can be said that pistachio vitamins are useful for all age groups.

In addition to all beauties, the delicious taste, and flavor of green gold, have many benefits. By quick look at traditional medicine, it is obvious that even pistachio skin has many benefits and is useful as

Give them some pistachio as a gift. A precious gift with a high range of nutrients. Smiling pistachio brings a mile on our lips because of the blessing of health.

Since there are many improvements occurring in the field of agriculture, the countries which try to produce pistachio are increasing, but we have only one fact that is clear to everyone, the original source of growing pistachio is Iran. Lately, the number of countries that are placed on the list of pistachios producer is increased but none of them has the quality, flavor, the taste of Iranian pistachio. and this is why the Iranian pistachio is famous. The fertility of Iran’s soil has caused different kinds of pistachio such as Kalleh Ghouchi, Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, and Fandoghi are grow in Iran. countries are only able to produce one type of pistachio and it is not as good as Iran’s pistachio in terms of quality.

At first, pistachio was grown in Iran as a wilding plant but after so many developments in agriculture, these plants changed to the most important products for export so that a large area of the garden was allocated for growing pistachio with previous plans. Maybe it is hard to believe that the life of every pistachio plant is about 300 years and their useful time is something between 5 to 50 years. Normally, the fruit-bearing for the pistachio’s plant is clustered.

We can claim that the importance of pistachio as green gold is not less than the importance of oil as black gold, and maybe it is the most important after oil for export

The importance of pistachios has gone so far that they have dedicated the day to celebrating this gift of nature. And the best thing that can be done on this day is to give ourselves a handful of that smiling green gold. We can use it as a healthy snack or it can be used as a useful brain for breakfast.

The natural dyes of the seeds, which stand out more in purple and red colors, or the green pistachio kernel which is the color of a green vegetable, has made pistachios more beautiful.

as long as humans get knowledge about their tastes and find the ability to create new and different flavors, the pistachio has not been excluded from this grace. The pistachio with different tastes came to the market and the pleasure of eating pistachios for their fans get multiplied. A process is done on the wonderful pistachio’s seed and the oil of the pistachios extracted.

Pistachio oil is used also in the perfumery industry. These days in addition to beauty, nature, and healthy are considered also, pistachio oil as a natural with full of properties is very popular in cosmetics products caused it can act as a strong moisturizer. It seems that these little seeds can be useful in any part that you never think about.

In China, pistachios are called Happy Nuts, and in the Middle East, they are called smiling nuts.

On February 26, we celebrate pistachio’s day and share the use of health products in order to every people have this idea that to have a happy life we should have a healthy life, and the secret of a healthy life is in healthy nutrition

Eating pistachio in order to smile because of healthy life