Azil Organic Clary sage seeds (Salvia Sclarea L.) ,
  • They are very effective in the treatment of influenza, coughs and actually they can open up your vocal cords.
  • These seeds are a good expectorant and can reduce fever.


Clary sage is a beautiful plant with eroticizing scent and an inflorescence rich in resin, making it an ideal incense. The mostly biennial shrub is an ornament to any garden and can also be employed in the kitchen as a seasoning herb. Clary sage is well known for its high-value essential oil, widely used in perfumery. Besides, the oil possesses the high biological activity and because of that is used against stress, tension, depression, insomnia, etc

Harvest period: second week of June

Harvest method: manual


Bulk: 6Kg

Retails: 20gr


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