Azil Organic Mallow Herbal Tea

Azil Organic Mallow Herbal Tea

Azil Blue Mallow Infusion is Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.) flowers. Raw materials have been rigorously selected, harvested in their harvest period (third week of April) and microbiologically tested. Blu mallow can be drunk an infusion at any time of the day either hot or cold, and it guarantees maximum efficacy due to the choice selection of mallow flowers which are rich in mucilage. Some specification of blue mallow are as following:

  • 100% All Natural, Caffeine-free
  • Blue Mallow Flower Tea promotes spiritual healing and peace
  • Boiled Blue Mallow Flower and add a bit of honey to make a gargle for sore throat
  • Very cooling and soothing with great health benefits



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